Stonehaven Event Center 
Upgrades to Customize Your Wedding

Our vendors offer a number of fantastic upgrades that will further customize your wedding.

Professional Photography by Reflections Photography

reflections photography logo

Reflections Photography has been the official photography company for Stonehaven since they began offering inclusive packages.  Conrad and Roxana have over 45 years of experience photographing weddings.  They have photographed hundreds of weddings at Stonehaven alone.  Please consider upgrading your package to include Reflections Photography.

Classy Package
10 spread (20 sides) custom layflat album
3 hours of wedding coverage
1 photographer
USB drive with all images and copyrights $250

Memorable Package
15 spread (30 sides) custom layflat album
5 hours of wedding coverage
2 photographers
USB drive with all images and copyrights $300

Additional Bride/Groom Dressing Room $300
  picture of upgrade room             picture of upgrade room

China Package $6.50/person
picture of upgrade china package

Chair Covers and Sashes $4.25/chair
picture of upgrade chair covers

Ceiling Draping $500
picture of upgrade draping

DJ Uplighting  $100
picture of upgrade dj lights

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